Tikal National Park Tour

Tikal National Park Tour

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The site most talked about Mayan ruin in Central America is Tikal and it’s a pretty short trip from Belize to Guatemala. Mayan Heart World offers safe, all-inclusive, one or two day excursions to Tikal.

Tikal was once one of the greatest cities in the world, now Tikal is one of Guatemala’s premier tourist attractions. In its heyday it was the capital of a vast Mayan empire. Its unspoiled jungle setting attracts the attention of naturalist, bird watchers and exploratory travelers.

Today the site consists of over 3,000 structures extending over six square miles including temples, palaces, ceremonial platforms, ball courts, terraces, avenues and plazas.

You will be exploring the temples with your local guide while learning more about the history and the culture of the Mayas. You will experience a different world of the past, view artifacts and listen to the sound of birds that give life to Tikal.

Mayan Heart World’ Tikal Single Day Tour leaves at 7:30am and returns at 5pm. Your tour guide is with you the whole way to fill you in on the history of the area and answer questions. At the border, you will be assisted through all the stamping and fees by your guide.

For the next three and a half hours, time will rewind a thousand years. You’ll hear the howler monkeys echoing off the temples and the spider monkeys swinging tree to tree. Tikal is host to toucans, coatimundi and a million other creatures great and small.

After you leave the park, there will be an opportunity to pick up memorabilia, then it’s back to Belize.